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RBES Members

Logan Sheppard-Scally

An image of Logan-Sheppard-Scally standing behind a greenscreen.

Co-Founder & Studio Head (They/Them/Their)

Writer, Director, Artist, Animator, Actor, Editor, Programmer, Composer, Cinematographer & Producer

About Logan

Logan is a varied artiste who likes to dabble in a fair few things. They've spearheaded the development of the RedBurrito Entertainment System.

Logan's Page

Big Bonga

An image of Big Bonga standing behind a greenscreen.

Co-Founder & Deputy Studio Head (He/Him/His)

Writer, Actor, Composer & Cinematographer

About B.B.

Big Bonga serves the spirit of Bigger Bonga. Right now he doesn't do anything, as he's a lazy, no-good git.

B.B.'s Page

Leonardo Wilson

An image of Leonardo Wilson standing in front of a desk.

RBES Crew Member (He/Him/His)