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My Projects

This is where I showcase all of my non-RBES projects, as I do make things outside of the group, you know?


The Graveyard Slot: Episode #1

This was a pilot I did for when I felt like becoming a BreadTuber. It discussed current events from a TV perspective.

Stop Press: Episode #1

This was another pilot I made when I was in my BreadTuber days. It was also a current events show, but where I analysed the newspapers, based on a segment in The Graveyard Slot.

Donny's Retirement

This was my first foray into something resembling animation. It was a sorta-animatic, as I didn't have Adobe Animate at the time. As you might be able to tell, I don't particularly like Donald Trump.

Gucci Pucci

This was another animatic of mine, though I messed around on iMovie enough that it doesn't look too much like an animatic. I amped up the freakiness factor on this one.

Snake Oil

This was an animation I made solo, hence the lack of music. I can't stand the Blockchain, so I vented my frustrations in the form of my video. It was from here that I started drawing the backgrounds in Adobe Fresco, & then importing them into Adobe Animate for extra detail.

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