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Logan's Terminal

A picture of Logan Sheppard-Scally sitting at their desk.

Greetings, & welcome to my page! I'm Logan Sheppard-Scally (or Ursula, if you want), & I'm the co-founder & leader of the RedBurrito Entertainment System! I've always been a creative type person, & I like to dabble in all sorts of media! While you're here, why don't you have a look around?


This is where I post updates & stuff. It's rather self-explanatory, really.


These are the non-RBES projects I make from time to time, because I do have the ability to make projects myself. Collabs with non-RBES members will go here, too.

External Links

I have a prescence on other parts of the Internet, of course, & I've decided to put the links here for convenience.

YouTube Channel

This is where I upload my videos, as well as the videos of the RBES.


This is where peoples can set up a monthly donation to support me, in exchange with the betas of videos & a place on their credits. If you've got some disposable income, then go ahead & subscribe!

Twitch Channel

I like to livestream when I've got the time. I broadcast said livestreams on Twitch. Check 'em out sometime!

YouTube Stream Archives

I archive the recordings of my Twitch streams on a second YouTube channel, if you ever miss any.

Newgrounds Profile

I animate, so that means I can post shit on Newgrounds, I guess.

Facebook Page

I have a Facebook page, where I post my videos also. I'm not too active here outside of video uploads, really.

Dailymotion Channel

I also upload my videos on Dailymotion, not that anyone watches them on there. It still makes a good backup for the video in case YouTube takes it down, however.


I have an Instagram, but I don't upload there very often, other than to post videos, as Instagram doesn't let you upload images on the computer (which is stupid). I seem to be the most popular there for some reasom, which implies that the majority of my fans watch my videos squinting at a tiny video letterboxed to fit a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Tumblr Blog

I post my blog on Tumblr as well as on this website, so you can check it out there if you'd prefer. I might also put some other stuff there if I feel like doing so.

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